Going All Blue Peter For A Marshalls Drainage Product Shoot

While being a commercial photographer there are times when you’re asked to do something that you simply aren’t prepared for. One such recent event was whilst in the studio shooting a range of products for Marshall’s, concrete product specialists. The shoot director basically asked if we could put some water through a drainage product sample in order to give an impression of what happens in real life at the side of the road when it rains.

Ah yes, time to go all Blue Peter I thought.

Water pours too forcefully

So we had a look around to see what was to hand that we could use to set up the shot. As you can see from the main image at the top of the page the lighting was already set up as we had been shooting products for cut out shots all morning at the table., It was just a case of finding a way to get the water in and through the drain and get the shot. We used a piece of 3 x 2” to lift the back end of the concrete drain so the water would flow through smoothly or at least that was the plan. We then made a funnel out of an old peace of white board that I often use as a reflector. We just rolled this into a cone and affixed it with the all important must have piece of kit, duck-tape, to hold it together.  Next we taped an old chair to the table as this was going to be the frame to hold the funnel in place while water was poured through it. Quite a contraption to look at. To complete poly board reflectors were set up to bounce light back into the shot. After taking a few light readings and test shots we were ready for the water…we placed a large bin at the other end of the drain to pick up the waste water.

Drainage Block With Perfect Water Flow

My colleague and director of photography basically stood on a chair with a bucket of water to pour it into the home made funnel. It was a good job that I was standing behind a poly-board myself because I did not expect my helper to throw the water into the funnel with the over the top brute force that he must have felt was needed! Lets just say it reminded me of my surfing days… the water went through the drain with so much force that it completely overshot the bin and luckily hit the board in front of me although I did have wet feet. It was now time to get a mop and also more water for a second try. This time all went fine, a steady pour with the water running out of the drain and straight into the bin. Ending with the required shot that would be used as a cutout in the brochure, quite an enjoyable and inventive day.

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