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Nigel at the computerI moved back to Halifax to set up Nigel Murgatroyd Photography (NMP) in 2004. Regardless of where the business is based I’m lucky that photography shoots take me the length and breadth of the country feeding inspiration. Much of my work is from a close working relationship I have with DMD Design & Marketing Ltd, a full service design agency in Elland, West Yorkshire. They give me a wide range of work from studio to location and from technical to PR related.

I started taking photographs at the age of fourteen and by fifteen I’d got the bug and began printing my own images in a homemade darkroom. Now like most working commercial photographers its all digital equipment and sorry to the purists out there but digital is great……….. I may have been a bit of a Luddite in the beginning but now there ‘s no turning back!

I’m very fortunate to be making a living from photography but it was never about that to begin with so I do keep personal work going whenever time allows. This is purely for the love of taking pictures and capturing the moment. I have two projects in progress.

Over the years I have become more and more interested in street photography in terms of capturing and documenting ‘the moment‘ and that can be from the trivial to the unbelievable. The great thing about street work is it’s so accessible, walk around your neighborhood or into your town, point and shoot, simple. However if you are going to capture street photography you have to be prepared to be stopped, questioned and even shouted at just about every time you go out.

The second long term project I’m working on is a little more involving and requires a lot more time and forward planning. Being an ‘ex surfer’ as I’m now land locked in West Yorkshire I’m working on a series of images based on my years spent surfing in the cold waters of the North East. This project is moving slowly as a lot of luck with the weather is required in order to undertake a shoot, I’ve found this to be a good thing as the work is evolving at its own pace.

Please view both my commercial and private work, I hope you like it and if I can be of any assistance on your next project please feel free to give me a call.

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